Environmentally friendly polyolefins
for demanding plastic products


The regranulate for your special needs.

Dipolen™ is ideal for injection moulded products with static and dynamic loads. We would like to provide you with further support at any time.


The regranulate for B2C branded articles.

A homogeneous high quality, high purity recyclate, Purpolen® is particularly well suited to the production of sophisticated consumer products. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

More topics

Quality assurance

Quality testing – a constant companion to our production process: From incoming goods control to final quality inspection.


Our customers can be sure that our products comply with all the regulations.

Plastics recycling

Regranulate conserves resources and causes considerable less greenhouse gases compared with virgin material.


We produce our regranulate with state-of-the-art technology for reliable long-term supply – also in large quantities.

EverMinds™ – our contribution to a better tomorrow

Together with Borealis and other partners from the industry, we join forces to foster circular mindset across the value chain.

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